The MVRC Clubhouse is located at the intersection of Wilt and Jefferson in Hacienda Heights.  To find the clubhouse, set your destination on your GPS receiver as 32 degrees 22.961 minutes and -106 degrees 41.44 minutes. If you don't own a gps, take the Porter exit on US 70. It is about 5 miles from the I 25 interchange, near the firehouse.  Almost immediately south of the south frontage road on the south side of US 70, turn left  toward the mountains until you come to Wilt. Turn right. There is a jog in the road, but at 0.35 miles you should come to Jefferson. If you can't see the tower and beam, you shouldn't be driving. The treasurer would be delighted to receive your contribution for landscaping and furnishing.



 Office  Name  Call  Phone  E-Mail
 President   Robert Truitt    KE5OFK   649-4173   robhtruitt@zianet.com
 Secretary   Melanie Jack   KD5UZF   202-3363   thedragon@melaniestonejack.com
 Treasurer   Kevin McNelis   K5KMC   571-7326   kmcnelis@nmsu.edu 
 Board Members        
    Terry Angle   AE5XI   640-9669   kf5dns@gmail.com
    Bob Bennett   AD5LJ   382-0148 : rpbennett1@comcast.net
    Alex. Burr   K5XY   522-2528   k5xy@arrl.net
    Cash Olsen   KD5SSJ   382-1917   kd5ssj@arrl.net
    Henry Schotzko   AD5FE   526-1922   schotzko@comcast.net

   Vern Vondeeder  

 WV5N 510-909-0069   vern@wv5n.com

The newsletter is always looking for articles and notes of interest to the members of the Mesilla Valley Radio Club. Please send them to Alex. F. Burr, K5XY, Editor, MVRC Local Oscillator, 695 Stone Canyon Drive, Las Cruces, NM 88011. Small personal ads from members will also be published. It would be helpful if submissions would be made in a machine readable form. Windows readable disks are welcome. Files can also be sent to the Internet address k5xy@arrl.net. The club maintains a web site at http://www.n5bl.org


To join the Mesilla Valley Radio Club, renew your membership, or to support the repeaters, please print, cut out, and complete the form below. Send it with dues ($35 single, $45 family per year, add $10 to receive the newsletter by US mail instead of e-mail) to: Treasurer, MVRC, Box 1443, Las Cruces, NM 88004.

CALL SIGN(S) ______________________FAMILY ___________________ ______________________
LIC CLASS (E, A, G, T, N) ______ ______ _______
ARRL (Y/N) ______ ______ _______
ARRL VE (Y/N) ______ ______ _______
Would you like to be added to the MVRC reflector? _____
NAME ________________________________________________________________________________
EMAIL _______________________________________________________________________________
STREET ADDRESS ____________________________________________________________________
CITY & ZIP ________________________________ PHONE ______________________ (OPTIONAL)
INTERESTS Computer __ Contests __ Digital __ Elmer __ Emergency Communications __ Field Day __
Packet __ Programs __ Public Service __ Publicity __ RFI __ Repeater __ Social __ Take License Classes __
Teach License Classes __ Volunteer Examiner __ Other ___________________________

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