Local Oscillator

of the Mesilla Valley Radio Club

This is the home page of the Local Oscillator, the member newsletter of the Mesilla Valley Radio Club. There is more information about the club and its activities at the  club web site

All the local amateur news (submitted) is in the Local Oscillator. International and national ham news is available (regularly updated) at the bottom of this page.
Links to activities of the club are available in the Local Oscillatoe or on the calendar web page of the Club.

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Photos of the 2004 Bean Feed , the 2005 Bean Feed ,  the 2006 Bean Feed,  the 2007 Bean Feed , the 2008 Bean Feed, the 2009 Bean Feed, the 2010 Bean Feed, and the 2011 Bean Fees are available here. For full resolution printed copies contact K5XY.

Photos of the 2004 Field Day , the 2005 Field Day,  the 2006 Field Day , the 2007 Field Day, and the 2008 Field Day are available here.  For full resolution printed copies contact K5XY.

The newsletter has been published in three forms.

Back text files are available in the Archives. The e-mail address list to receive notifications of the publication of the Local Oscillator is kept by the treasurer. All additions and corrections to addresses should be sent to him. It would be helpful if the old as well as new address were sent to facilitate locating the address in the data base.

The pdf edition is the same as the html form except it is in one downloadable (and printable) pdf file. If you do not already have it, a free pdf reader is available at the Adobe web site. The pdf file itself is in the archive section of this web site.

The html version has ceased publication It has been replaced by the pdf version.

Some other information is kept in the archives. Generally it is printed information produced by the club. For now it includes rosters, the constitution, and information on classes .

International and national amateur related news appears below.

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